Nikon NEXIV VMR-6555 CNC Video Measuring System

Nikon Updated: 2007-06-20
Nikon NEXIV VMR-6555 CNC Video Measuring System

Large stage bridge optimal for measurements of PCB patterns and external dimensions of a display panel.

The NEXIV VMR-6555 is a large stage bridge automated CNC non-contact measuring instrument. It features TTL laser height/profile scanning, intelligent pattern recognition and low contrast edge measuring. Designed for larger samples like FDP, LCD, PCB and mass-in-line inspections. Four models available with stepped zoom magnification ranges to cover different fields of view and resolution requirements.

Type 1,2,3 Models

• 650 x 550 mm stage stroke perfect for PCBs

• Automatic measurement of batches of parts by placing multiple pieces together on the stage

• Laser AF achieves high-accuracy measurements of bump heights

• Laser AF also enables measurements of height variance and warping in workpieces

• Search function enables measurements of lands and holes of PCBs

• Search function provides accurate measurements even when workpieces are not properly located on the stage

• Variety of illumination choices facilitate accurate edge detection even for vague geometries

• High-speed stage and image processing provide higher accuracy and throughput

• Faster image acquisition and system speed with selected defect-free instrument grade progressive scan black & white CCD

• Easy to program, versatile VMR Automeasure software includes: CAD reader, Offline programing, Profiling software and Programming wizards

• Ideal for semiconductor packages (multiple pieces), substrates, printing masks for substrates, stamped parts (multiple pieces), connectors (multiple pieces), injection molded parts (multiple pieces)

Z120X Model (with Maximum Magnification Module)

Amazing 120x zoom combined with a big stage enables ultra-high magnification measurements on big workpieces. Ideal for measuring high-density PCBs and their masks.

• 120x zoom

• Measurements of 1μm line widths are possible at the maximum magnification

• Laser AF perfect for measuring small, complicated geometries

• High-speed stage and image processing provide higher throughput

• Perfect for high-density PCBs, exposure masks for substrate, semiconductor packages (multiple pieces; 2D + height), photo plotter machines for masks, probe cards

LU Model

• Full range of Nikon CFI60 LU microscope objectives from 5x to 150x

• Supports brightfield, darkfield, DIC, simple polarizing applications

• Motorized quintuple universal nosepiece

• Easy to use software controls all functions of the system

• Perfect for FPD panels (up to 22”)