Nikon V-24B Profile Projector

Nikon Updated: 2007-06-20
Nikon V-24B Profile Projector

A high-precision optical comparator geared for measurement and inspection of larger parts.

The Nikon V-24B, with a large 600mm diameter protractor screen and a heavy-duty 9 x 4 inch linear encoder stage, allows you to handle a wider range of specimens, from the most minute and delicate to the heavy and bulky, which means an incredible range of industrial demands can easily be satisfied.

Large Stage Mountable
A large stage having wide cross-travel can be mounted. The up/down stage movement is motorized, accommodating workpieces as tall as 250mm.

Halogen Light Source
The halogen light source provides sufficient brightness regardless of whether contour or surface illumination is used, making measurements and observations simple and easy.

Concentric and Parfocal
Projection lenses from 5x up to 100x have the same parfocal distance and they are all concentric. This simplifies operation when magnifications must be changed often.

Highest Magnification Accuracy
Featuring a magnification accuracy of ±0.05% with contour illumination and ±0.075% with surface illumination (0.1% and 0.15% when a 200x lens is used), this instrument's accuracy is extremely high when compared to other models.

Projection Lenses
Six types of projection lenses are available for the V-24B, each featuring a different magnification, working distance, and field of view with a different diameter.

Type: Vertical Optical Axis

Magnification accuracy: +/-0.05% for contour illumination, +/-0.10% (200x)

Dimensions: 1,900 (H) x 1,180 (W) x 1,100 (D) mm (74.8x 46.5x43.3")

Power Supply: 110 VAC; 220 VAC

Lens Mount: 3-lens turret mount. Screw type.

Projection Lenses.: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x

Weight: 800 Kg (1,766 lb.)

Stage: 9V; Surface area: 610x290mm (24.0x11.4"); Crosswise Travel: 225x100mm (8.9 x 3.9"); Reading: 0.001mm/0.00005"; Loading Capacity: 30 kg (66 lb.); Maximum specimen height: 250mm.

Illuminations: Contour Illuminator - Telecentric for 5x to 20x, concentric for 50x to 200x; booster lens for 50x to 200x, 24V/150W halogen lamp, green filter provided; Surface Illuminator - Vertical oblique surface illumination available, booster lens for 5x, 24V/150W halogen lamp, green filter provided.

Screen: Diameter 600mm; fine-grain ground glass with etched center crossline; 1-minute reading on built-in vernier. Inclined 4 degrees off vertical.

Image: Inverted and Reversed