Nikon NEXIV VMR-1515 CNC Video Measuring System

Nikon Updated: 2007-06-20
Nikon NEXIV VMR-1515 CNC Video Measuring System

Designed to put the speed and accuracy of video measurement within everyone’s reach.

Nikon's NEXIV VMR-1515 is an automated small-size CNC non-contact measuring instrument featuring TTL Laser height/profile scanning, intelligent pattern recognition and low contrast edge measuring. Geared for smaller parts, it features smaller travel (X, Y, Z) of 150 x 150 x 150mm. A low-cost entry model, the Performa, (without Laser AF and Outer LED Ring Illuminator) is available for video measurement applications.

Type 1,2,3 Models

• 3 models (type: 1, 2, 3) with 5 step zoom magnification to cover different fields of view and resolution requirements

• 6 x 6 travel

• 150 X, 150 Y mm travel, and cast Mehanite stage with 150 mm Z

• A long 50mm working distance sufficiently supports measurements of 3D workpieces

• 15x zoom provides wide field of view for rapid search and high magnification for precise measurement. Accurate calibration at all magnifications allows rapid field of view measurements of multiple parameters.

• High-speed TTL Laser AF ensures high-precision AF independent of surface shape (NEXIV VMR-1515 Performa models have only Vision AF, no Laser AF).

• Improved stage accuracy with new lower coefficient of expansion 0.1 micron resolution scales.

• Ideal for Semiconductor packages, Substrates, Stamped parts, Connectors and small parts, Clock parts

Performa Model

Performa is Nikon's most economical model. Features a 6 x 6 travel and has all the same features as the standard VMR-1515 without Laser AF & Outer LED ring illuminator.

Z120X Model (with Maximum Magnification Module)

• 120x optical magnification enables measurements of fine line widths

• High-precision TTL Laser AF features high NA and enables measurements of small height gaps

• Perfect for measurements of high-density, finely-machined workpieces

• Optional Bird’s-Eye View software plots MEMS parts in 3D format

• Ideal for small high-density PCBs, small precision dies and molds, packages (2D + height), MEMS parts

LU Model (universal epi-illuminator/motorized nosepiece)

• Full range of Nikon CFI60 LU microscope objectives from 5x to 150x

• Supports brightfield, darkfield, DIC, simple polarizing applications

• Motorized quintuple universal nosepiece

• Easy to use software controls all functions of the system

• Ideal for small-size LCDs, organic EL panels, wafers up to 150mm