Hitachi HI VISION 900 Ultrasound System

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Hitachi HI VISION 900 Ultrasound System

The HI VISION™ 900, Hitachi's ultra-premium ultrasound system, combines innovative image acquisition techniques with operational enhancements designed to optimize clinical efficiency.  With unique imaging methods like HI Definition dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging (HdTHI) and Elastography Mode (E-Mode), the HI VISION 900 is leading ultrasound in exciting new directions.

Multiple operational interfaces and operator specific protocols allow sonographers unprecedented flexibility to break free from rigid control panels and menu-driven operation to scan the way that works best for their specific environment.

Innovative Acquisition Tools

Using Hitachi's 2nd generation Realtime Tissue Elastography option, clinicians can quickly obtain information that was previously unattainable with ultrasound.  E-Mode acquires information about the relative stiffness of tissue and displays it using Hitachi's unique color elastogram overlay.  With the 900's advanced Strain Ratio measurement tool, additional quantification of strain data is possible by comparing the difference in stiffness between a mass and its surrounding tissue.

HI Definition dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging (HdTHI)
HdTHI's unprecedented combination of both the harmonic and sub-harmonic signal enables the use of the entire probe bandwidth.  Hitachi's Wideband Pulse Inversion technique removes the fundamental signal leaving the dual harmonic component and creating an ideal balance between resolution and penetration.

4D Imaging
Outstanding real-time, live 3D imaging is supported by multiple features such as HI Definition Static 3D, Multi-planar Reconstruction and a surprisingly lightweight, hand contoured probe design for fatique-free imaging.

7-Series Probes
Hitachi exends its reputation as a leader in probe design with the release of our 7-series probes.  With expanded bandwidths and improved frequency response, the 7-series probes unlock the power of the 900's advanced acquisition techniques like HdTHI.

When combined with the 900's high-speed processing hardware, HI RES+ delivers uniform speckle reduction using a real-time algorithm that assesses both a given image and its fine detail simultaneously, in a manner that mimics the human eye.

Coded B-Mode Imaging
Hitachi's unique hybrid encoding method results in markedly increased image clarity in the far field. The increased signal generated through the 900's novel dual decoding process delivers additional penetration to high frequency imaging.

The 900's true multi-angle compound imaging minimizes angle-dependent noise and speckle while reinforcing true echoes increasing contrast resolution and improving the delineation of tissue interfaces and vessel walls.

Adaptable Operation

Heads-up Display
The 900's new user interface reduces learning curves by adopting the familiar "point and click" operation of a PC.  Using the heads-up display, Sonographers can adjust image parameters, manage file storage and control system operation without taking their eyes off the image at hand.

One-touch HI VISION Interface
For those that prefer it, the 900 maintains the traditional HI VISION control panel.  Designed to eliminate the inefficiencies of menu-based operation, the most commonly used controls are grouped logically around the central trackball for one touch access to system functions.

Bluetooth Voice Control
Using a standard Bluetooth headset and USB adaptor, the 900 can be controlled using voice recognition software reducing the need for uncomforable Sonographer positioning.

Infrared Remote Control
A lightweight but fully featured remote control can be used to operate the system in situations that require free range of motion.  An innovative watertight design allows the remote control to be cleaned for use in any environment, even sterile fields.

The 900 has been designed to incorporate a variety of features to reduce unnecessary stress on users and eliminate the need for potentially harmful Sonographer positioning.

* Lightweight, hand-contoured probe design
* Flexible probe cables
* Height-adjustable, floating control panel
* Central wheel lock/unlock
* Bluetooth-based voice control
* Handheld remote control