Hitachi HI VISION 8500 Ultrasound System

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Hitachi HI VISION 8500 Ultrasound System

Powerful, flexible and fast, the HI VISION™ 8500 diagnostic ultrasound scanner combines leading edge technologies with user-oriented operation for exceptional imaging and functionality. The integrated SONO MR package consists of advanced techniques for image enhancement and control, including HI COMPOUND multi-angle spatial compounding, Wideband Pulse Inversion, tissue harmonics, HI RES adaptive imaging technology and Raw Data Freeze. These features can be selected separately or in various combinations to optimize B-mode, Color and Doppler images.

The Hi Vision 8500 also offers Sono IQ one-touch image optimization, real-time archiving with on-the-fly recording, a DVD rewriteable drive making even large dynamic clips manageable, and SonoElastography. Available exclusively on the HI VISION 8500, SonoElastography provides a completely new perspective on the physical properties of tumors and masses by determining and displaying the relative stiffness of tissue.

With leading edge features and options, including a wide variety of specialty and application-specific transducers, the HI VISION 8500 can be tailored to meet almost any clinical requirement.

HI VISION 8500 Features/Options

Ease of Operation

* Sono IQ one-touch image optimization
* Lightweight ergonomic probes
* Tri-color keyboard lighting for intuitive operation
* One touch access to commonly used functions
* User defined programmable keys
* Instantaneous key and control response
* Enhanced Cine and M-mode recording with Cine-max memory
* Powerful Built-in Measurement and Equation Editor
* Customizable Presets and Preset-Operation Functions
* Built-in hard disk, magneto-optical, floppy, and DVD drives

Advanced Performance

* HI RES adaptive Imaging
* Raw Data Freeze for Image Optimization in Freeze
* Tissue Doppler Imaging
* Octal Beam Processing for Fast Frame Rates
* 12 bit Gigasampling A/D for Precise Signal Reproduction
* Windows XP? based for reliability, stability, and familiarity
* HI VUE circuitry for streamlined operation and signal flow
* 4 Modes of dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging (dTHI)
o Includes Wideband Pulse Inversion Imaging (WPI)
* Directional Color Flow Angiography
* Real-time Doppler Measurements
* 3RD Generation Color Artifact Suppression
* Patient and Image Database Management System
o Includes storage space for 20,000 ~ 60,000 images

Optional Image Enhancements

* Real-time archiving
* SonoElastography imaging option
* WideView panoramic imaging option
* 3D imaging options (built-in or stand-alone)
* Steerable CW Doppler option
* ECG biophysical display option
* (dCHI) dynamic contrast harmonics imaging option
* Stress Echo examination option
* Pentax EUS and Fujinon Mini-probe options
* Dual Omni-directional M-Mode display option


* 120Vac (100 ~ 240Vac selectable)
* 1.5kVA Power Consumption
* External Dimensions: (W) 22 x (D) 40 x (H) 59
* Weight: 350 lbs.
* DICOM 3.0 Store, Print, Worklist (Optional)