Hitachi HI VISION 5500 Ultrasound System

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Hitachi HI VISION 5500 Ultrasound System

The HI VISION™ 5500 Fully Digital Ultrasound system delivers the latest generation of signal processing technology, sophisticated transducer design, and a host of features and options for advanced imaging capabilities across a wide range of clinical situations.

The 5500's electronic architecture incorporates advanced circuit designs optimized for efficiency and function. We call it HI VUE – an engineering philosophy that directs the development of each subsystem to individual specifications while, at the same time, providing seamless integration within the entire system. The end result is extraordinary performance in image quality and system operation.

Every aspect of the 5500's operation was engineered to make it a better clinical partner in real-life, real work situations. Hitachi's dynamically backlit control panel uses three-stage illumination to give visual feedback on system operation. Keyboard lighting shows each function as available, unavailable, or in use. In addition, programmable one-touch keys increase system efficiency by providing individual controls for frequently used image acquisition, processing, storage, and retrieval functions.

HI VISION 5500 Features/Options

Ease of Operation

* Tri-color keyboard lighting for intuitive operation
* One Touch Access to Commonly Used Functions
* User Defined Programmable Keys
* Durable, Lightweight, and Highly Mobile

Advanced Performance

* Quadra Beam Processing for Fast Frame Rates
* 12 bit Gigasampling A/D for Precise Signal Reproduction
* Windows XP based for reliability, stability, and familiarity
* HI VUE circuitry for streamlined operation and signal flow
* 3 Modes of dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging (dTHI)
* Directional Color Flow Angiography
* Real-time Doppler Measurements

Standard Features

* Patient and Image Database Management System
* Enhanced Cine and M-mode recording with Cine-max memory
* 3RD Generation Color Artifact Suppression
* Powerful Built-in Measurement and Equation Editor
* Customizable Presets and Preset-Operation Functions

Optional Imaging Enhancements

* WideView Panoramic Imaging Option
* 3D Imaging Options (built-in or stand-alone)
* Single Omni-directional M-Mode Display Option
* Steerable CW Doppler Option
* ECG Biophysical Display Option
* Pentax EUS and Fujinon Mini-probe Options


* 120Vac (100 ~ 240Vac selectable)
* 1.2kVA Power Consumption
* 4096 btu/hr heat output
* External Dimensions: (W) 20 x (D) 31 x (H) 55
* Weight: 286 lbs.
* DICOM 3.0 Store, Print, Worklist (Optional)