Olympus EU-C60 Eus Exera Compact Endoscopic Ultrasound Center

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus EU-C60 Eus Exera Compact Endoscopic Ultrasound Center

The EU-C60’s sleek, compact design makes it easy to install and transport on your existing endoscopy cart, while its convenient keyboard with built-in trackball gives you versatile, easy control over the system’s many powerful functions.

On the imaging side, the GF-UC160P and GF-UCT160 scopes feature an exclusive high-performance transducer to produce sharp ultrasound images. For video endoscopy, Olympus’ high-resolution CCD captures clear, bright endoscopic images that can be displayed on the same monitor as the ultrasound image to give you a full and comprehensive picture.

This powerful performance, together with the disposable EZ-Shot, automatic PowerShot, and Olympus’ original Aspiration Needles, enables you to perform EUS-guided FNA with greater precision and confidence.

* High-performance transducer (GF-UC160P and GF-UCT160 scopes)
* High-resolution CCD for bright image reproduction (GF-UC160P and GF-UCT160 scopes)
* Compact design for flexibility
* Compatible with your existing endoscopy trolley
* Streamlined flat panel keyboard for easy operation and control
* One key allows user to switch between ultrasound and endoscopic images
* Images can be inverted, reversed and displayed in eight magnification ranges (2-9)
* Simplified image adjustment with GAIN, NEAR GAIN, and FAR GAIN is available
* The OPTIMIZE function allows B-mode and Color Power Doppler (CPD) images to be adjusted in three steps: PEN (penetration); RES (resolution); and GEN (general)
* Distance mode allows for measurements as defined by the “+” and “x” calipers
* The Area/Circumference mode measures the area and its circumference enclosed by the caliper tracing
* Extracorporeal probes are available, improving the versatility of the EU-C60 to include such applications as transabdominal imaging
* Store Image Mode function lets you store approximately 120 images into the built-in RAM
* Cine Image Mode provides you with a series of sequential images taken just before FREEZE is activated, so that you will obtain the exact image you require