Olympus MAJ-935 Probe Drive Unit Mechanical Radial Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus MAJ-935 Probe Drive Unit Mechanical Radial Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Versatility and a wide range of capabilities are the benefits of using the MAJ-935 Probe Driving Unit. When using the MAJ-935 together with the new EU-M60 Endoscopic Ultrasound Center and one of the new Olympus Dual Plane Reconstruction (DPR) probes, the user will be able to simultaneously, and in real-time, scan in both the sagittal (linear) and transverse (radial) planes. The user can then define various cross-sections in one plane and see the resultant image in the other scan plane. The MAJ-935 is also compatible with our entire line of probes that includes rigid rectal, wire guided, slim type, balloon type, and 12, 20, & 30 MHz designs.

Probes, when advanced through a standard endoscope, offer the advantage of performing EUSTM procedures without the need for a dedicated ultrasonic endoscope. This performance, along with outstanding image quality, lets you assess lesions in areas not accessible by larger instruments as well as perform intraductal ultrasonography.

* Used with the EU-M60 Endoscopic Ultrasound Center, the MAJ-935 is compatible with Olympus' versatile line of conventional probes

* Probes connected to the MAJ-935 can be advanced into areas of the body that are normally restrictive due to small size

* When used with DPR probes, the MAJ-935 allows for dual-plane reconstruction (DPR) scanning, displaying radial and linear images simultaneously