Olympus Aloka SSD-Alpha5 Curvilinear Array Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus Aloka SSD-Alpha5 Curvilinear Array Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Thanks to Aloka's advanced microtechnology, a unique high-speed digital processor has been developed specifically for ultrasonic signal processing.

Equipped with advanced technologies, the a5 delivers preeminent imaging performance. The Pure Sound Transmission technology boosts spatial and contrast resolution allowing for advanced imaging results. Additionally, this high-speed digital processor was designed specifically for ultrasonic signal processing.

The a5 is abundant in functionality. Image Rotate operates in 15-degree intervals with half-circle display options provide the ability to adjust the ultrasound image to the desired view. The report functions allow for compiling and displaying measured results and patient information. An optional printer is available for printing reports including selected ultrasound images.

* Pure Sound Transmission transmits only the signal components necessary for beam forming in a controlled waveform.
* Selectable scanning method available for convex sector, linear, and radial arrays.
* 15 degree image rotation function
* Color flow imaging for identifying blood flow.
* 15-inch diagonal VGA non-interlaced monitor with height adjustment, tilt and swivel capabilities.
* Optional Aloka probes available.
* Standard storage features include:
o Hard disk memory capacity of 999 images, which remain in storage even after powering off.
o Thumbnail display (4, 6, 12, 16, & 24 images).
o Patient data management.
o Image storage format: DICOM, Bitmap, TIFF, and JPEG