Olympus EU-M30S TC-EU Cart Radial Probe Ultrasonography

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus EU-M30S TC-EU Cart Radial Probe Ultrasonography

The EU-M30S is a compact, convenient probe-dedicated processor that makes it easier and more affordable than ever to perform endoscopic ultrasound procedures. When the area of interest is limited to the wall of the GI tract and/or rectum, this system allows for routine use of EUS without the need for or expense of specialty endoscopes. The processor is extremely portable - weighing a mere 10 kg - and compatible with the complete line of Olympus “through the scope” catheter-type high frequency (except DPR type) and rigid rectal probes. A simple, ergonomic keyboard with built-in trackball makes for efficient operation.

The EU-M30S can be mobilized by using the TC-EU cart. The TC-EU cart is a compact cart similar to the TC-C1 specifically designed for the EU-M30S featuring an incorporated keyboard tray. The TC-EU can be used to support a 14” monitor, the EU-M30S processor and keyboard, and ancillary equipment such as printers, VCRs and the UWS-1 water supply unit.


* Scanning ranges (depth of tissue being imaged) are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12cm
* Post-Process Imaging allows the user to adjust the gain and contrast settings even after the image has been frozen
* Four (4) stored image settings (normal, S, L2 and L1) allow the user to modify the image based on commonly used presets potentially reducing the need for manual adjustments
* The built-in trackball lets the user scroll the image to place the area of interest anywhere on the display, and do so in either Freeze mode or in real-time
* Images can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise with the touch of a button.
* Images can be inverted from left to right
* The US/SCOPE button enables the user to toggle between EVIS and EUS images on one monitor for additional convenience and eliminates the need for a second monitor
* Display the image in a full 360°, top half (180°), or bottom half (180°) orientation ·
* The STC (Sensitivity Time Control) function can adjust the gain among four designated depths in up to thirteen increments
* Adjust the Gain and Contrast of the entire image with the touch of a button

TC-EU Cart:

* Designed for the EU-M30S probe-dedicated processor, the cart includes a built-in keyboard tray for greater convenience
* Top shelf can support monitors measuring up to 14”
* Top shelf adapts to the articulating support arm which connects to the probe drive unit
* The cart has two middle shelves: one middle shelf holds the EU-M30S and the other, a printer and VCR
* The recessed bottom shelf can be used for additional storage of equipment, cables, an optional isolation transformer, etc.