Olympus 26MG Corrosion Thickness Gage

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus 26MG Corrosion Thickness Gage

The Panametrics-NDT™ Model 26MG is a low-cost ultrasonic thickness gage designed to make accurate measurements on internally corroded or eroded materials. It weighs only 8.5 oz. (0.24 kg) and is small enough for easy, one-thumb operation. Thickness measurements are made from one side of the material with no need to cut the part.

The 26MG offers various practical measurement features such as Automatic Probe Recognition that recognizes transducer types, a Fast Min Mode that holds the minimum reading at a Fast Scan rate of 20 per second, and a Freeze Mode that freezes the display to capture critical thickness data. Its LCD with electroluminescent backlight shows thickness measurements in large, easy-to-read numerals.

The 26MG has 250 hours of typical battery life with two easy-to-replace AA alkaline batteries. A Low Battery Indicator continuously updates battery status. You can choose from a wide array of transducers with varying frequencies, tip diameters, and temperature ranges to suit many applications (see other side). Typical applications for the 26MG include storage tanks, pipe lines, pressure vessels, boiler tubes, steam lines, ship hulls, and other structures affected by internal corrosion.


• Lightweight - only 8.5 oz. (0.24 kg)
• Easy to use - pocket-size
• 250 hrs on two AA alkaline batteries
• Wide thickness range: 0.5 mm - 508 mm (0.020" - 19.999")
• Automatic Probe Recognition
• High Temperature capabilities
• Large backlit display
• Fast Min Mode holds thinnest reading at Fast Scan Rate
• Freeze Mode instantly captures critical thickness
• Millimeters/Inches selection

Standard Inclusions
• D799 Dual Element Probe with Cable
• Wrist Strap
• Test Bar
• Couplant
• Instruction Manual
• Two Year Limited Warranty

Optional Accessories
MG/SPC Small Protective Case
MG/CC Plastic Carrying Case
2214E 5-Step Test Block, English Units
2214M 5-Step Test Block, Metric Units
MG/RS232 RS232 Option/Upgrade
MG/EW Extended Warranty
For additional accessories such as holders, wands, and couplants, please consult us.