Olympus MG2/MG2-XT/MG2-DL Corrosion Thickness Gages

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus  MG2/MG2-XT/MG2-DL Corrosion Thickness Gages

Measurements from one side!
Ultrasonic thickness gages make instant digital measurements by transmitting sound into a material from one side, making it unnecessary to cut the corroded part.

Lightweight and pocket-size
These handheld gages are small enough to fit in a toolbox or inside your pocket. They are ideal for quick inspections in hard-to-reach areas.

Intuitive, color-coded keypad
You can directly access many important measurement features for time-saving operation. Strategically located keys are grouped together by color for easy operation.

Large LCD with backlight
The large numerals make it easy to read thickness measurements. In addition, you can easily view the electroluminescent backlit display from total darkness to bright sunshine.

MG2, MG2-XT, and MG2-DL

These small affordable ultrasonic thickness gages are primarily designed for inspectors and maintenance engineers responsible for measuring the remaining thickness of internally corroded pipes, tanks, and other metal structures. Lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy one-hand operation, these gages provide cost-effective measurement solutions in many applications that require quick inspection of materials suspected of metal wall thinning.
We are known worldwide as a manufacturer of innovative, state-of-the-art ultrasonic testing products. We also believe that our customers deserve thickness gages that truly combine quality, accuracy, and ease of operation at affordable prices. We have accomplished this with three rugged models: the MG2, MG2-XT, and MG2-DL. Each offers a range of practical measurement features to solve a wide variety of thickness gaging problems. Even better, they all have in common being manufactured by a company that takes pride in having the best customer support network in the industry.

Choose From Three Units!!!

The MG2 offers many basic features such as Min/Max Mode that measures and recalls the minimum thickness at a fast 20 readings per second, Freeze Mode to instantly capture critical thickness, and Zero Compensation to ensure optimal transducer performance. Various other features make this handheld gage an affordable unit for quick spot measurements.

The MG2-XT has all of the features of the MG2 plus much more! B-scan, Gain Adjust, Auto Sensitivity Optimizations, Echo-to-Echo, Thru-Coat, Differential Mode, Hi-Low Alarm, and the optional live A-scan are added features to provide you with more measurement capabilities in tough applications. This gage is ideal when you make thickness measurements on coated or painted surfaces.

The MG2-DL is the most advanced unit of our new MG2 Series gages. It includes all of the features found in the MG2-XT plus a versatile file-based alphanumeric data logger that employs incremental, sequential, 2-D and GridView grid file formats. Using the optional GageView Interface Program you can transfer your data bi-directionally to and from your PC and gage. The MG2-DL is the answer if you're looking for an affordable gage with unique measurement capabilities such as Thru-Coat and Gain Adjust.

Practical Measurement Features (MG2-XT and MG2-DL only)

With this patented technology, the gage simultaneously displays the thickness of the coating and the true metal thickness, using a single backwall echo. Each measurement is adjusted for their calibrated material sound velocity. Thru-Coat measurements use the D7906-SM and D7908 transducers.

Live A-scan with Waveform Adjust
This optional live A-scan mode allows the user to view the ultrasound waveform (or A-scan) directly on the gage's display, verify the thickness reading, or make manual adjustments to gain and blanking settings to maximize measurement performance for challenging applications. This helpful option has the following features: Manual Gain Adjust, Extended Blanking, Echo Blank Range and Delay.

Gain Adjust
This feature is very helpful when making measurements on sound-attenuating materials such as cast metals:
- Preset Gain Adjust to High, Low, or Standard
- Manual Gain Adjust can be set in 1 dB increments (Live A-scan mode only)

Extended Blanking
Allows blanking of unwanted echoes due to material surface "noise" from rough or irregular surfaces (Live A-scan mode only).

The gage displays the true metal thickness and ignores the thickness of the coating layer, using multiple backwall echoes:
- Auto Echo-to-Echo
- Manual Echo-to-Echo (Live A-scan mode only) that allows:
• Gain Adjust
• Extended Blanking
• Echo Blanking