Olympus 25 MULTI PLUS Precision Thickness Gage

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus 25 MULTI PLUS Precision Thickness Gage

The Panametrics-NDT™ Model 25 MULTI PLUS is an advanced ultrasonic precision thickness gage with several unique measurement capabilities. In addition to making thickness measurements on metal, plastic and many other materials with varying thickness ranges, the 25 MULTI PLUS has the ability to calculate and simultaneously display up to four separate measurements. The Summation Mode accurately displays total thickness of selected layers.

Another unique feature of the 25 MULTI PLUS is the Barrier Layer Mode. This feature makes it possible to measure critical barrier layers in multilayer plastic parts such as gas fuel tanks and bottle preforms. This special Mode displays the thickness of thin barrier layers that are typically too difficult to measure with conventional ultrasonic thickness gages because of lack of separation between the echo from the front and back of the barrier layer.

The 25 MULTI PLUS is ideal for the following applications:
• Multilayer fuel tanks
• Multilayer plastic bottle preforms
• Calculating radius of curvature and the thickness of contact lenses
• Multilayer aircraft windows
• Co-extruded plastic
• Two layer hot tubs and spas
• Two layer automotive air intake ducts


• A-scan Display for Waveform Verification
• Wide Thickness Range: 0.003" to 20.000" (0.08 mm- 508.00 mm)
• Resolution up to 0.0001" (0.001 mm)
• Uses Contact, Delay Line, and Immersion transducers
• Internal Alphanumeric File-Based Datalogger stores 18,000 thickness or 1,750 waveforms
• Application Auto-Recall with Stored Standard and Custom Setups