HP T750 G2/T1000 G3/T1500 G3 UPS

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HP T750 G2/T1000 G3/T1500 G3 UPS

When you purchase HP hardware, don't compromise on the quality of your options. By using HP Qualified Options, experience dependable quality you can count on and have confidence in your whole infrastructure.

HP Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) protect your computer equipment and your critical data against damage due to inconsistent and fluctuating power. The HP Tower form factor UPS units, T750 G2, T1000 G3, and T1500 G3 are designed for small/medium businesses, remote offices, and retail environments.

Dependable Quality:
Chose an HP UPS, an HP Qualified Option, and have confidence that it has gone through a rigorous testing process and has the highest quality in the industry. HP UPS are designed to provide advanced power protection (or increased uptime and data corruption avoidance) and lowers your power protection cost by allowing you to safeguard all of your equipment.

Key benefits of the HP tower UPS include:

* Increased power rating
* In intuitive front panel display
* Enhanced Battery Management (EBM)
* Prioritized shut-down
* Hot-swappable battery
* Network Transient Protection.
* Serial and USB ports for data exchange with the host computer

HP Power Manager software (included with all HP UPSs) gives you the flexibility to monitor power conditions and control an HP UPS locally or remotely, enables you to broadcast alarms, perform an orderly shutdown in the event of a power failure, and allows you to schedule power-on to the UPS and attached equipment.

Simplified Support:
When you need it, use outstanding HP support services for your whole data center environment. With HP Care Pack Services, have the security of knowing that your HP UPS will be covered at the same service level and coverage period as your HP server. HP UPSs are backed by a 3-year limited warranty, with the first year including parts and labor. Also, standard on all HP UPS units is our exclusive Battery Pre-Failure Warranty, which ensures that when customers receive notification from HP Power Manager Software that the battery may fail, the battery is replaced free of charge under the warranty. This warranty is offered worldwide. An additional $250,000 load protection guarantee is offered in North America.

Tailored for Proliant/Integrity/StorageWorks:
With HP Qualified Options you can focus on growing your business when you optimize your infrastructure with HP options designed for servers and storage. HP Qualified Options strengthen the foundation of your data center with high caliber products that are easy to maintain and tailored for ProLiant, Integrity and StorageWorks giving you confidence in your whole infrastructure.

Introducing the next generation of HP Tower UPS, T750 G2, T1000 G3, T1500 G3. Tower UPS features include:

* Increased power rating from previous generation
* Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) with Buck and Boost
* Hot-Swappable Battery
* Enhanced Battery Management
* Network Transient Protector

* Remote, easy monitoring of multiple UPSs and servers
* Manages a graceful shutdown of attached devices during utility power failures
* schedule a prioritized shutdown or power-on of attached load devices
* Manage an unlimited number of servers through remote agents

* Serial and USB connectivity
* Customizes alert generation with modifiable dialog boxes, command execution, and email, pager, mobile phone and broadcast messages
* Intuitive front panel display

HP Quality & Support
* Covered under HP Care Pack Services
* Backed by a 3-year limited warranty, with the first year including parts and labor
* Battery Pre-Failure Warranty