HP AF409A R/T 2200 G2 UPS

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HP AF409A R/T 2200 G2 UPS

The new R/T 2200 G2 UPS is designed to provide advanced power protection (or increased uptime and data corruption avoidance) for servers, storage, computer equipment, and network environments in a rack or tower form factor.

Key benefits include increased power rating, intuitive front panel display, Enhanced Battery Management (EBM), prioritized shut-down, and hot-swappable batteries. Bundled with HP Power Manager software also features serial and USB ports for data exchange with the host computer and remote shut-down. Rest assured that you are receiving the best in class three-year warranty and a Battery Prefailure Warranty. A $250,000 load protection guarantee is also included in North America.

Introducing UPS with new power ratings:


* UPS R/T 2200 G2 is rated up to 2200 VA and 1600 Watts


* R/T 2200 G2, now in a rack to tower convertible model
* USB and serial port connectivity
* Extended Runtime Module

Rack or tower based IT equipment in Small and medium businesses and corporate remote offices (Workstations, ML ProLiant servers, and other computer equipment like hubs and routers)

* The R/T 2200 G2 UPS protects IT equipment data from unplanned down time due to power outages, fluctuations, surges and spikes.