HP AF426A R5500 UPS

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HP AF426A R5500 UPS

The densest, most power packed UPS available - offering HP customers more watts per U than any other UPS - allowing for more valuable rack space to be utilized by all your server, storage and networking equipment.

The R5500 UPS provides more power protection per U than any other HP UPS

* Meets EU-RoHS compliance specifications
* 5000 VA / 4500 Watts in only 3U!
* Attached line cords for easier and faster connection to your systems
* Extra long battery life with Enhanced Battery Management (EBM)
* Longer run time with Digital Signal Processing technology (DSP)
* Extended battery run time with optional Extended Runtime Modules (ERMs)
* Optional Tower conversion kit available to change the R5500 into a tower form factor
* Easy configuration through enhanced front panel display
* Hot swappable electronics & batteries
* Attached receptacle cord for easier EVA support
* Support for two load segments
* Backed by a limited three-year warranty, HP's pre-failure warranty and a load protection guarantee in North America

You never know when a power event will occur, but it will occur! According to several studies and reports, "power outages interrupt operations at 72 percent of U.S. businesses", and "power disturbances account for about one third of all server failures". HP rack mount UPSs like the R5500 provide maximum uptime for your systems in the event of a power problem.

The R5500 will support any rack mount server application requiring up to 4500 watts of power protection. With two load segments and free HP Rack and Power Manager software it's easy to customize this UPS to your unique situation and manage your systems quickly and remotely.