Olympus Gastroenterology Single-Balloon Enteroscopy

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus Gastroenterology Single-Balloon Enteroscopy

Despite the rapid technological advances of the 21st century, enteroscopy is still more difficult to take advantage of than upper or gastrointestinal endoscopy or colonoscopy. Now, thanks to our groundbreaking Single-Balloon Enteroscopy System, Olympus has created a simple yet efficient enteroscopy system that radically redefines the nature of enteroscopy. The new Single Balloon Enteroscopy System maintains Olympus' signature high quality image, while offering breakthrough capabilities in terms of operability and functionality that shed new light on a region once considered the "Dark Continent" of the human body.

* Outstanding imaging performance delivered by a high-resolution CCD - A high-resolution CCD chip incorporated in the distal end of the SIF-Q180 provides high-quality images of fine details. Moreover, combining this scope with the latest EVIS EXERA II system puts the power of NBI* observation at your fingertips, making it possible to observe and enhance mucosal morphology in the small intestine.
* Wide 2.8 mm diameter channel in a 9.2 mm scope - To improve maneuverability of insertion, the SIF-Q180 features a distal-end diameter of just 9.2 mm while maintaining high-resolution image quality. In addition, an instrument channel diameter of 2.8 mm has been reserved to meet a wide range of treatment options.
* Optimized distal end and bending section for smooth insertion - By optimizing both the distal end length and bending section radius, the SIF-Q180 extensive angulation capability allows acute turns in the small intestine, supporting a smoother insertion.
* Simple cleaning disinfection and sterilization - The Single Balloon Enteroscope System incorporates a balloon on the splinting tube only. This means there is no need for an extra step in the cleaning process for a dedicated balloon air channel in the scope. The SIF-Q180 can be cleaned the same way as conventional scopes.
* 100% Latex-free Silicone construction - The ST-SB1‘s smooth glide hydrophilic-coated Splinting Tube allows for outstanding insertion and therapeutic access to the deep small bowel.
* Radiopaque materials enable effective position confirmation under fluoroscopy - Radiopaque material is used in the distal end of the ST-SB1 to allow confirmation of the splinting tube's tip under fluoroscopy, further enhancing insertion performance into the deep small intestine.
* Automatic pressure control function for maximum reliability - The OBCU is equipped with an automatic pressure control function. This safety function operates to suppress the balloon pressure and maintain it within a prescribed range.
* Simple configuration facilitates all steps from setup to operation - All you have to do to set up the OBCU is connect the sliding tube. Operation is equally simple. Just press the button on the compact remote control unit repeatedly to inflate or deflate the balloon.
* Operation is possible either on the compact remote control or the front panel - Besides the front panel controls, you can operate the OBCU with the convenient, easy-to-use, multifunction remote control.