Olympus V-Scope TJF-160VF Gastroenterology Duodenoscopy

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus V-Scope TJF-160VF Gastroenterology Duodenoscopy

Equipped with Olympus’ new and innovative V-Groove, the revolutionary TJF-160VF makes it easier to perform device manipulation and exchange during ERCP with confidence and efficiency. The unique V-Groove on the elevator of the V-Scope allows it to be raised at a sharper angle than a conventional scope elevator, while securely locking the guidewire in position. Olympus’ new guidewire - the LinearGuide-V™ - has been specifically designed for use with the TJF-160-VF and makes device guidance during ERCP remarkably easy.

The V-Scope is an integral part of Olympus’ new V-System™ - the first system integrating precision-engineered endoscopes and EndoTherapy accessories.

The proprietary V-System design is built for simplicity; employing the unique V-Groove which locks the guidewire at the elevator, allowing for easier device exchange. Offering the choice between physician or assistant manipulation of accessories, the V-System delivers simple control of the guidewire and device, easy catheter exchange and enhanced cannulation.

V-Scope + V-EndoTherapy = V-System™

That’s the power of one integrated system. The V-System™. Only from Olympus.

* Innovative V-Groove forceps elevator offers reliable duodenoscopic treatment capability when combined with dedicated V-System ERCP devices.
* Control section with new easy-to-access knob layout and ergonomic grip for improved scope maneuverability.
* Wide 4.2mm diameter channel.
* Slim 11.3mm insertion tube.
* 4-way angulation (120-degrees up, 90-degrees down, 110-degrees right, and 90-degress left) facilitates approach to the papilla of Vater.
* Fully compatible with the CV-160 and CV-140.
* Scope ID function stores individual scope information and displays it on the monitor to facilitate endoscopy suite management.