Olympus GIF-XP160 SlimSIGHT Gastroenterology Gastroscopes

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus GIF-XP160 SlimSIGHT Gastroenterology Gastroscopes

New advances in color CCD design from Olympus provide the GIF-XP160 SlimSIGHT™ gastrointestinal videoscope with a super-thin insertion tube and a smaller outer diameter to make insertion into the upper digestive tract easier than ever.

A new miniaturized CCD chip is built into the scope's tip to allow for the reduced outer diameter (5.9mm) which makes insertion easier. The SlimSIGHT™ scope also incorporates a 2.0mm channel and a distal-end irrigation nozzle to ensure clear images.

* Extra-narrow insertion tube measuring a mere 5.9mm across.
* Ultra-slim design is ideal for patients with strictures and narrow pharynges or esophagi, as well as for routine examinations.
* Continuously clear view ensured by distal-end irrigation nozzle that washes away any material that adheres to the lens during examination.
* 2.0mm diameter channel incorporated for suctioning and biopsies.
* 120º field of view and 4-way angulation (180º up, 90º down and 100º right/left).
* Ergonomically designed grip enhances scope maneuverability while redesigned easy-to-access knobs and user-selectable switches improve operability.
* Superior image quality is delivered even in the expanded full height mode when combined with the dedicated CV-160 video system center.
* Scope ID function stores individual scope information and displays it on the monitor to facilitate endoscopy suite management.