Sony FCBEX20DP Color Block Camera

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Sony FCBEX20DP Color Block Camera

High Sensitivity and Superb Picture Quality for Surveillance Monitoring, Police Vehicle and Inspection Applications. Sony continues to add choice and flexibility to its FCB Series with the introduction of the FCB-EX20DP camera. The FCB-EX20DP incorporates a newly designed 1/3 type Super HAD CCD II sensor that provides increased sensitivity compared to cameras featuring the successful 1/4 Super HAD CCD. The camera can operate under a minimum illumination of 0.25 lux. When combining Sony's advanced Digital Signal Processing technology with this new CCD, the FCB-EX20DP achieves a horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines, providing extremely clear and detailed images. Featuring a Day/Night function, this camera offers optimized sensitivity in changing light conditions, which is a typical challenge for 24/7/365 surveillance monitoring applications. In addition, the camera provides an extremely wide horizontal angle of view (5.8º to 52º) with a 120x zooming capability for exceptionally close inspection to capture detailed information. Moreover, to further improve camera performance, the FCB-EX20DP offers a number of sophisticated functions such as advanced spherical privacy zone masking with a mosaic effect, video motion detection, multi-line on-screen display and slow AE function. When utilized in a fixed-type, mini speed-dome, or as a Pan/Tilt.Zoom (P/T/Z) camera, the FCB-EX20DP is the definitive choice for security and monitoring systems. This camera is so versatile that it can be used in video conferencing and low vision systems, to police vehicles and underground inspection (oil and gas pipelines).


* Excellent Picture Quality, High Resolution Images
* Day/Night Function
* Compact and Lightweight Design
* Slow AE Response Function - Ideal for Abrupt Lighting Condition Changes
* Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking with Mosaic Effect
* Powerful and Versatile Zoom Capability
* Multi-Line On-Screen Display
* Video Motion Detection
* Electronic-Flip (e:Flip)
* SMART Lens Control (Sony Modular Automatic Lens Reset Technology
* Electronic Shutter/Slow Shutter (1 to 1/10,000s, 22 steps)
* TV Distortion: 4.5%
* Customizable Settings
* Internal/External Sync
* 16 Bytes of Memory (for storing data such as the product serial number and camera/system ID number)

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