Canon VB-C60 Network Camera

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Canon VB-C60 Network Camera

The VB-C60 is the perfect solution for monitoring a wide variety of settings, from small retail shops to large facilities, indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its 56° wide angle lens and 40x optical zoom, the VB-C60 is the perfect solution when you need to observe a large area with a single installation. The VB-C60's high sensitivity CCD delivers superior image quality, even in low-light situations. Offering a wide array of new "intelligent" functions for increased efficiency, the VB-C60 is the reliable choice for your video monitoring needs.

40x Optical Zoom with 56° Wide Angle Lens
The VB-C60 features the industry's most powerful 40x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. The camera's advanced auto focus system achieves smooth, immediate focus. Thanks to Canon's optical technology, the VB-C60 ultra-long zoom is able to maintain edge-to-edge tonal accuracy and clarity through the entire zoom range. The VB-C60 also features a genuine Canon wide angle lens, with a 56° horizontal field of view.

Progressive Scan CCD
The VB-C60 utilizes a progressive-scan CCD to allow for the capture of noise-less, high quality video (M-JPEG or MPEG-4) of moving subjects.

Smart Shade Control
If the background of an image is too bright to see main subjects, the VB-C60 allows you adjust the contrast of the darker areas to make it easier to see. Unlike backlight compensation, the shade correction adjusts darker areas of the image, while maintaining the brightness of the brighter areas, so the background image remains clear. Since this process occurs in the camera, image degradation is minimized and the load on the system is reduced.

Image Stabilizer
The VB-C60's Image Stabilizer feature effectively works to compensate for image blur caused by camera vibrations or movement. This is useful against building vibration or strong winds, like when the camera is installed on an outdoor pole.

Exceptional Low Light Performance
The VB-C60's bright lens combined with a high-sensitivity CCD and Canon's proprietary imaging engine, work together to provide exceptional low light performance for clear visibility of camera subject and surroundings. You can even see color images down to low as 0.7 lux of light.


Network Video Solution Camera
Item Code: 2812B004
Video Signal: Conforms to NTSC
Image Sensor: 1/4-inch CCD (primary color filter)
Total Number of Pixels: effective 310,000
Synchronization: Internal
Scanning Method: Progressive
Minimum Illumination: Normal use
Day mode : 0.7lux (F1.6, color, 1/30 sec.)
Night mode: 0.2lux (F1.6, monochrome, 1/30 sec.)
with Indoor dome housing VB-RD51S-S (smoked)
Day mode : 1.4lux (F1.6, color, 1/30 sec.)
Night mode: 0.4lux (F1.6, monochrome, 1/30 sec.)
Imaging Modes: Day Mode, Night Mode
Focusing: Auto / One-shot AF / Manual / Fixed focus at infinity (for dome use)
Length : f=3.4 ~ 136.0mm
Aperture: Auto Iris
Lens: Focal Length: 3.4mm to 136mm
Zoom: 40x Optical Zoom with AF (digital 4x)
Viewing Angle: Horizontal field of view : 55.8° (W) ~ 1.5 (T)
Vertical field of view : 43.3° (W) ~ 1.1 (T)
Pan Angle Range: 340° (±170°)
Tilt Angle Range: Upright: 115° (-25° ~ 90°)
Ceiling-mounted: 115° (-90° ~ 25°)
Moving Speed: Pan: Max.150°/sec.
Tilt: Max. 150°/sec.
Infrared Cut Filter: Power-driven insertion / removal (in conjunction with switching Day mode - Night mode)
Night Mode: Yes
White Balance: Auto / One-shot / Preset / Manual
Operating System: Linux

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