Sony KDS-60A2020 60" Grand WEGA A series SXRD Rear Projection HDTV

Sony Updated: 2007-06-18
Sony KDS-60A2020 60

Behold the grand scale and stunning beauty of the images you see on the monstrous 60" KDS-60A2020 rear projection television. Full HD 1080p picture quality is delivered brilliantly within a sleek and compact enclosure. The Grand WEGA™ SXRD rear projection HDTV is also equipped with the WEGA Engine™ system, which minimizes signal distortion to provide you with the best picture. And you're fully connected with dual HDMI (1080p capability) and front component inputs (1080i). Add PC inputs and SRS® TruSurround XT audio enhancement technology and you can envision yourself selling tickets at the door.

SXRD™ Chips
SXRD technology is the latest display technology developed by the legendary television engineers at Sony to meet and exceed the demands of a High Definition image at its full 1080 line resolution. Digitally transmitted High Definition signals can contain over 2 million individual detail points that need to be displayed accurately and rapidly. SXRD displays those 2 million detail points per SXRD panel accurately since the 3 SXRD chips actually contain enough pixels to fully display a 1080 line picture without interlacing it. SXRD technology has the speed to create a smooth, film like image. The SXRD chips have a blistering response time (less than 5ms total rise and fall time), which exceeds the demands of even the most rapidly moving High Definition images. And SXRD creates highly accurate, natural colors because the 3-chip design displays all the colors, all the time.

Advanced Iris-2
Advanced Iris Function - The Advanced Iris function is a special Sony function designed to improve contrast expression especially in darker scenes. The Advanced Iris function is enabled by using either one of two modes - Auto and Manual. The Auto Mode has two settings designed to work best with video content such as movies that vary between bright scenes and dark scenes. Auto 1 is for programs that have a wide range of brightness from scene to scene. Auto 2 is for programs that have less variation between brightness levels from scene to scene. The Manual mode is used to help deliver optimum contrast levels under different room lighting conditions. The High mode offers maximum screen brightness and works well when a room is brightly lit. The Medium mode is for average levels of light. And the Low mode offers the maximum amount of contrast and works best under low light conditions. The key benefits are deep blacks and improved brightness and overall contrast.

WEGA Engine™ Video Processor
Leveraging Sony’s TV heritage and engineering expertise, the latest generation of Sony’s exclusive WEGA Engine™ is born. Its fully digital signal-processing path includes video processing functions that are designed to improve overall picture quality. Among the key functions that have been added to the WEGA Engine are: > Green, blue and white color enhancer circuit, which selectively adjusts common natural colors like green, white and blue color levels for a more vivid image, > Digital MPEG Noise Reduction Circuit, which reduces MPEG artifacts such as “block noise” and mosquito noise” caused by compression used in digital broadcasts used to maximize bandwidth. > Digital Contrast Enhancer circuit processes every field automatically selecting out details and optimizing contrast for each scene. Adaptive processing improves the low contrast parts of the picture providing crisp and vivid images with high contrast. The overall result of WEGA Engine has to be seen to be believed.

HDMI™ and PC Inputs
Designed for maximum versatility, Sony’s Grand WEGA™ line is equipped with a comprehensive range of input interfaces. The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. HDMI technology supports enhanced or High Definition video, together with multi-channel digital audio to provide matchless image and sound reproduction. A D-Sub 15 input also allows connection to your PC5, allowing you to use your high resolution Grand WEGA TV as a computer monitor.