HP Integrity NonStop NB50000c BladeSystem

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HP Integrity NonStop NB50000c BladeSystem

The new HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem - proven 24/7 leadership with the efficiencies of the HP BladeSystem.

The new Integrity NonStop BladeSystem doubles the performance in half the footprint while providing the same trusted 24/7 NonStop availability, scalability, and data integrity.

By leveraging the power of Intel® Itanium® multi-core architecture and the economics of standard modular components, HP helps enterprise businesses boost the performance and efficiency of their data centers while significantly lowering their cost per transaction.

HP Integrity. Always trusted. Always available. Always scalable.

Why HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem
* First mission-critical 24/7 computing platform in a standards-based bladed form factor — all the trusted NonStop fault-tolerant software with no compromises
* Expands the potential and versatility of BladeSystems to support more applications for more customers
* Integrity NonStop is now "future proofed" with the advantages of blades — cost savvy, time smart, change ready, energy thrifty — for lower total cost of ownership using less floor space, power, and system administration
* Provides the industry's best end-to-end transaction integrity for the most reliable data
* Most available platform for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)


Standards-based architecture
HP NonStop Multi-core Architecture (NSMA) offers unprecedented performance by leveraging multi-core Intel® Itanium® processor technology and standards-based storage and networking coprocessors for increased response time and performance

Lowest TCO
Offers low total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging industry-standard components, delivering extraordinary reduction in footprint, and offering a wide array of easy-to-use manageability tools

Performance and scalability
Supports real-time business interactions of the highest performance and scalability with industry- leading 24/7 availability and fail-safe data integrity
Scales up and scales out to accommodate ever increasing workloads
Improves response time and throughput by implementing advanced caching technology

Integrated hardware and software
Enables application fault tolerance out of the box, delivering ultimate scalability and the highest built-in RAS levels in the industry

Eases upgrade to future generations of Intel Itanium processors
Application compatibility with previous generations of the NonStop server platform
Support for connection to most existing storage and communications controllers
Extends HP's tradition of offering systems with average system uptimes measured in years, with no unscheduled downtime