Brother QL-650TD Affordable Label Printer

Brother Updated: 2008-01-08
Brother QL-650TD Affordable Label Printer

Label printer with built-in time and date function

The Brother QL-650TD label printer can operate both as a stand alone or PC connected model. It also has a built in time and date stamp that can operate in stand alone mode. Perfect for producing labels for time sensitive materials or when a stand alone model is required.

Other key features include up to 56 labels per minute print speed, up to 300 dpi resolution and accepts label widths of up to 2.4” wide and built-in automatic cutter.

Main Features

* PC Connected and Standalone operation – Use it anywhere!

* Built-in time and date function – perfect for time sensitive applications

* Prints up to 56 labels per minute – save time waiting for labels

* Resolution 300 dpi – high quality prints for logos, graphics and images

* Prints on up to 2.4" label width - Wide variety of labels and applications

* Built-in automatic cutter – Convenient cutting of labels and reduce risk of tears and misaligned labels

* Easy to use drop in tape rolls – no messing about with tapes and rolls

* Powerful but user-friendly software – incorporate fonts, templates, images and graphics from your PC onto your label. Compatible with current Microsoft® applications and easy to integrate with MS Word®, Excel®, Outlook® and P-touch® editor address book

* Includes USB cable, label creation software and starter supply of labels – ready to use

* 1 Year Limited Warranty and Replacement Service