Brother QL-550 Affordable Label Printer

Brother Updated: 2008-01-08
Brother QL-550 Affordable Label Printer

Affordable Label Printer With Automatic Cutter

Affordable label printer with built-in automatic cutter – perfect for home office, small business use or situations in which multiple labels are printed frequently.

Built in automatic cutter provides added convenience and ensures a professional finish each time. Other key feature include up to 50 labels** per minute print speed, up to 300 dpi resolution and accepts label widths of up to 2.4” wide.

Main Features

* Built-in automatic cutter – Convenient cutting of labels and for a professional finish.

* Prints up to 50 labels** per minute – save time waiting for labels

* Resolution up to 300 dpi – high quality prints for logos, graphics and images

* Prints on up to 2.4" label width - Perfect for any office application

* Easy to use drop in tape rolls – no messing about with tapes and rolls

* Powerful but user-friendly software – incorporate fonts, templates, images and graphics from your PC onto your label. Compatible with current Microsoft® applications and easy to integrate with MS Word®, Excel®, Outlook® and P-touch® editor address book

* Includes USB cable, label creation software and starter supply of labels – ready to use

* 1 Year Limited Warranty and Replacement Service