Toshiba TRST-A15 Thermal POS Printer

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Toshiba TRST-A15 Thermal POS Printer

Innovative Dual Side Thermal Printing Concept
The TOSHIBA TRST-A15 thermal POS printer is designed to operate in all hospitality and retail environments. The TRST-A15, delivering high-speed printing at a low noise level, comes at an extremely competitive price and is packed with innovative user-friendly features.

Save Costs
Up to 25% paper cost saving, flexible choice of interfaces, easy software development, extreme print head and PC board lifetimes. All these features add up to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership. Reducing your paper cost by up to 25% means a significant reduction in operational costs.

Save Time
Reducing paper roll changes by up to 50% increases cashier productivity and enhances customer  experience during your peak times of business. When printing on both sides of the paper simultaneously at speeds up to 6.5 inches per second, total print time of your receipt can be reduced by nearly 20% versus using single sided technology.

Save the Environment
By printing on both sides of the paper simultaneously, you can reduce your paper consumption by up to 45%. You may be using 54,000 yards of paper per year over a 5 year period. The dual side printer will save you an impressive 24,600 yards of paper. Using this technology, you will save trees, save energy consumed by paper production, cause less transport and therefore less CO2 emissions. The extreme durability of the double print head delivers a long product lifecycle and also minimizes the environmental impact (reduced transportation, manufacturing and recycling costs).

Extreme Reliability
Using two print heads means that each print head only prints as many as half of the lines. Therefore the print head has up to twice the lifetime compared to a single sided printer. In dual side print mode, if one of the two print heads fails, you simply switch to single sided mode on the printer and use the print head that is still working.

Single command dual printing
The TRT-A15 allows the user to switch between single-side and double-side printing modes without any software changes.

Enhanced CRM and Marketing Effectiveness
Tailoring the backside of every receipt for every customer, means no more need for expensive preprinted vouchers or coupons. Color printing allows for messages to be conveyed clearly and effectively. A survey conducted by Integrated Solutions for Retailers found that 90% of consumers noticed color messages and the use of color increased customer return visits by as much as 62%.POS Systems - TRST-15A 2 Color Dual Side POS Thermal Printer

Double-sided printing delivers your message
Text or graphics on the flip side of each receipt can be tailored to the customer's individual requirements, providing a powerful direct marketing tool.

Total Cost of Ownership Benefits of Simultaneous Two-Sided Thermal Printing

* Less paper leads to lower overall expense in consumables
* Fewer rolls and roll changes leads to improved operator efficiency
* Lower inventory and reduced freight costs
* Save up to 25% on annual receipt paper investment
* Decreased Receipt Fraud: Dual sided receipts are much more difficult to duplicate, especially if one side is printed in color.

Dual Side Print Modes
Multiple Modes are available to allow the dual side print capabilities to be tailored to specific application needs.

Double-sided with Single Side Command
Using this mode, the printer automatically determines the size of the receipt and automatically splits the receipt, placing the second half on the reverse side of the receipt. Since this is a inherent printer function, there is no need to modify the application software.

Double Side Mode with Pre-defined Data
By using the printer's capabilities, pre-defined data can be loaded into the printer. Once loaded into the printer, this inherent mode prints the data automatically. No modifications to the application software are required.

Dual Side Print Mode
In this flexible printer mode, the application software can control the data that is printed on the front and/or reverse side of the receipt by issuing printer control codes.

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