NEC RSenCounter 5000 Touch Screen POS

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NEC RSenCounter 5000 Touch Screen POS

Quick Service Features

* 3 screen viewing for busy quick service operations
* Flexible single order window option allowing for quick access to your most popular items
* Touch-to-Void or Touch-to-Add condiments to each item
* Advanced Drive-Through operations, queue recall, timing and station-to-station transfer of orders
* Separate area for handling phone-in orders
* Advanced printer and Kitchen Video routing with sorting options
* Condiment tables, chains and lookups for speedy item entry
* Advanced combo-meal options by Auto, Subtotal or Manual, based on items ordered
* Sophisticated coupon and discount features
* Dozens of reports with filters available

Operating System

* Windows XP embedded-preloaded, no O/S install or maintenance required
* Industry standard LAN and OPOS drivers
* No user set-up required to configure O/S or Network


* 12.1” TFT touch-screen with bright LCD offers a wide viewing angle
* The tilt and swivel capability provide high visibility in any environment
* 1.2 GHz Processor, 256 MB DDR SDRAM memory with ECC and Flash disk
* 64KB battery backed S-RAM memory
* Built-in power supply
* Small footprint (15 1/8” x 11 1/4”)
* Standard mini-UPS protects against sudden power failures, adding to system reliability
* 3 RS232 serial ports plus 2 +5V powered standard
* 2 cash drawer ports

Software Features

* Customize screen layouts through flexible choices of key size, shape, color, font or picture
* Programming made simple by extensive menus
* Easy access to change menu items, prices and “key” changes
* Extensive time & attendance tracking
* Inventory & Special Item stock

Management & Reporting

* Optional Back-Office and Remote File Transfer via FTP
* Reports are “pushed” via simple File and Schedule lists
* Back-up files locally until scheduled for deletion
* Connects via dial-up, broadband or LAN via NEC-tested off-the-shelf router

System Options

* Magnetic Stripe Reader for integrated credit authorization & Gift Cards
* NEC Kitchen Video System
* Customer Display
* Coin Dispenser
* UPC Scanner
* Order Confirmation Board