Sony VCL-HG1730A Telephoto Conversion Lens

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Sony VCL-HG1730A Telephoto Conversion Lens

Zoom in on the action. Get up close and personal with this premium telephoto lens for your compatible Handycam® camcorder.

This 1.7x telephoto lens makes it easy to get close to your subjects. Built to last with a stealthy black finish, this lens features high-grade glass and a durable aluminum body.

1.7x conversion
Diamond-cut rim adds to premium design look
Body color changed from silver to black to increase harmonization with camcorder
Volume decreased by 20% to improve aesthetic appeal

Product Specifications

Weights and Measurements
* Diameter (Approx.): 2 1/4" (54mm)
* Screw Diameter: M30 x 0.75
* Weight (Approx.): 6oz (170g)

* Color: Black
* Lens: 3 groups, 5 elements(Structure)
* Material: Aluminum Glass

* Focal Length: 1 7/8" (46.1mm)
* Lens Grade: HG
* Magnification: x1.7

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