Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift Lens

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Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift Lens

The widest tilt-shift lens in Canon's lineup, the new TS-E 17mm f/4L lens expands shooting possibilities exponentially on EOS Digital cameras. Designed with UD glass to minimize and compensate for chromatic aberrations, with a specially coated aspherical element for the highest possible glare-free image quality, this tilt-shift lens offers a diagonal angle of view of 104° on a full-frame SLR camera.

New TS rotation lets users freely combine tilting and shifting within the range of +/- 90° in the direction of movement. The lens also has an improved tilt & shift knob with an enhanced range of movement of up to +/- 6.5° and 12mm repectively, with a revolving function for better operability. It uses a circular aperture for beautiful out-of-focus areas and has an SWC lens coating to control ghosting and flare to a far greater degree than with earlier coating technologies.


Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 17mm 1:4
Lens Construction: 18 elements in 12 groups
Diagonal Angle of View: 104° (without tilt or shift);
Image circle diameter 67.2mm
Focus Adjustment: Manual focus, rear focusing system with focusing cam (with floating system)
Closest Focusing Distance: 0.82 ft./0.25m (maximum close-up magnification: 0.14x)
Max. Diameter x Length, Weight: 3.5 x 4.2 in./88.9 x 106.7mm (maximum lens length), 28.9 oz./820g

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