Sony VCL-HG0872X Wide Conversion Lens

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Sony VCL-HG0872X Wide Conversion Lens

Expand your view and capture more action with your compatible Handycam® camcorder and this versatile wide conversion lens.

Fit everyone into the picture with VCL-HG0872X wide conversion lens. It's designed for use with Handycam® camcorders that have a 72mm diameter lens and provides a superb wide angle zoom for amazing landscape and group shots. The included hood helps protect the lens from damage.

Lens type
High-grade wide conversion lens

Aluminum housing with glass lens

Lens diameter
Fits all 72mm diameter lenses

Magnifies up to 0.8X

Product Specifications

Weights and Measurements
* Dimensions (Approx.): Length: 1 7/8inches (47mm)
* Screw Diameter: M72 x 0.75
* Weight (Approx.): 1lb 3oz (550g)

* Lens: Wide conversion
* Material: Aluminum, Glass

* Lens Grade: HG
* Lens Groups-Elements: 3 groups, 3 elements
* Magnification: x 0.8

MC Protector
* Weights and Measurements
o Diameter (Approx.): Diameter 4 1/4inches (106mm)

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