Sony MDR-XB300 Extra Bass Headphones

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Sony MDR-XB300 Extra Bass Headphones

Experience bass like never before with these groundbreaking Extra Bass headphones. Engineered to reproduce ultra-low frequencies, they deliver deep, hard-hitting bass from 30mm drivers.

Three sizes, one goal.
Let the bass drop. Whether you choose the 30, 40 or 50mm drivers, all Extra Bass headphones share the same mission: Deliver big, booming bass.

The mind behind the bass.
When asked what inspired the unique style of the headphones, designer Jun Komiyama said, "When I saw a puffy, luxurious, huge sofa I thought, 'Now that's what I want.'" He envisioned a handmade-like heaviness and high-quality impression that's clearly evident in the final result. Mr. Komiyama's main objective was to create a shape that would appeal to lovers of bass-heavy club music and hip-hop. One look at the king-sized ear cushions and you know what's in store.

Seriously low frequencies = Serious bass.
To achieve dramatic bass that really moves you, headphones need to produce ultra-low frequencies. As the chart suggests, Extra Bass headphones crush the likes of normal headphones with low levels that make all the difference.

Say goodbye to your old headphones and hello to the massive power of the MDR-XB300 Extra Bass headphones. Designed to create astoundingly deep bass tones within the confines of a comfortable ear cushion, these babies really thump. From the powerful 30mm diaphragm driver units to the incredibly high level of sound isolation, the Extra Bass headphones deliver the dramatic bass effects you crave.
30mm driver units.

Exclusively engineered by Sony, the extra-large 30mm Extra Bass diaphragm driver units accurately reproduce ultra-low frequency sounds and deliver powerful, deep bass reproduction.

Direct vibe structure.
Built with a direct vibe structure to ensure high audio fidelity, the Extra Bass headphones feature a tightly sealed acoustic design that allows for a high level of sound isolation which reproduces powerful and extended bass sound.

Closed design.
Experience comfortable listening with the Extra Bass headphones' over-the head, on the ear supra-aural closed design. The drivers inside the ear cups are angled parallel to your ears to not only reduce pressure, but increase comfort and deliver an unbelievable listening experience.

Optimal sound quality.
Sound leakage and a loss in audio quality are minimized thanks to a sealed acoustic design. Additionally, the MDR-XB300 headphones have an exceptionally wide frequency response from 5-22,000 Hz.

King sized ear cushion.
Providing more than exceptional sound, the Extra Bass headphones feature ultra-thick, pressure-relieving ear cushions for supreme comfort and better acoustic performance. Each earcup measures 1.2 inches in thickness and 3.1 inches in diameter. Additionally, a seamless structure design offers enhanced wearing comfort.

Flat Y-type cord.
Minimize tangles while you're on the move with the flat yet durable Y-type 3.9ft. (1.2m) cord. Also includes a gold-plated, L-shaped stereo mini plug.

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