Sony DR-BT160IK Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter/Headset

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Sony DR-BT160IK Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter/Headset

Enjoy the music stored on your compatible iPod® device with the DR-BT160IK Bluetooth® transmitter and headset. Easy to set up, this kit allows you to remotely operate the basic controls without digging your iPod out of your backpack, purse or briefcase. Additionally, the headset is water-resistant making it perfect for sweaty workouts. This kit includes a wireless transmitter (TMR-BT8iP) and Bluetooth headset (DR-BT160AS).

Bluetooth® Adaptor and Headset pre-paired at the Factory
This kit contains DR-BT160AS (Bluetooth® headset) and TMR-BT8iP (Wireless transmitter/receiver) for iPod. Both pieces are paired at the factory which means you can take them out of the box, charge them up and go.

Ultra Secure Fit
New hybrid earbud/behind-the-neck dual support design for the sports/workout enthusiast creating a wireless solution for running/jogging/bicycling/gym etc. with maximum fit and wearing comfort.

Earbud Style
New 'bullet shape' soft earbud design created for a tight seal to maximize sonic quality and wearing comfort. (3 sizes included)

Earpiece shaft slides up and down to fit various ear sizes.

Balanced and Light Weight
Built with sports and exercise in mind this headset places what little weight it has directly behind the ear creating minimal wind and weight drag.

Water Resistance
New drip away moisture guard design and water resistant hardware.

Lose the Wires
Enjoy music wirelessly from Bluetooth® Stereo-enabled music players and mobile phones.

Chat it Up
Embedded microphone enables hands-free conversation from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

Take Control
Enjoy basic remote control operation (play, stop, skip, etc.) of music player functions via Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR
For higher quality audio with less interference, lower power consumption and easy connection.

Standard USB charging. (cord included)

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