Sony DXC390 3CCD NTSC Camera

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Sony DXC390 3CCD NTSC Camera

When high resolution and maximum camera sensitivity is a must, Sony's DXC-390 1/3" type DSP 3-CCD color video camera delivers the goods. Ideal for point of view, machine vision and industrial microscopy applications, the DXC-390 incorporates Exwave HAD™ technology - the Sony technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F8 at 2000 lx) while reducing smear compared to previous CCD technologies. Using a C mount lens and providing resolution of 800 TVL and a high S/N ration of 62 dB, this camera is also well-suited for portrait proofing, amusement rides, sports shooting, board rooms, and scientific image capture applications. (Also available in PAL -- model DXC-390P.)


* High Resolution - 800 TVL
* Color Reproduction - 3CCD with new 10 Bit DSP Technology
* Compact Size - 56x50x128mm
* Lightweight - 370g or approximately 13 oz.
* C Mount


Powerful Picture Contrast Controls: Produces images with high picture detail.
Compact and lightweight: Dimensions: 56(W) x 50(H) x 128(D); Weight: Approx. 370g.
C Mount and Flange Back Adjustment: Offers choice of many available lenses and allows for synchronization of eye piece focus to camera image.
Color Shading Compensation: Allows for verification of color on monitor, useful in microscopy.
Extended Genlock (VBS Genlock and HD/VD in/out): Allows for synchronization of signals with Frame Grabber Boards.
DynaLatitude™: Unique feature function for managing contrast of each pixel according to a histogram of video signal level distribution.
Dynamic Contrast Control Plus (DCC+): Innovative DSP technology virtually eliminates hue factor distortion and suitable for knee correction.
Black Stretch: Emphasizes contrast in dark area while black compression enhances or deepens darkness.
Partial Enhance: Allows a particular color to be selected and its hue, saturation and detail to be altered.
RS-232C Interface: Allows for easy control and operation of camera by external computer.
Scene Files and User Files: Enables the user to set two custom parameters in the menu for instant recall.