Texas Instruments TI-34 II Explorer Plus Scientific Calculator

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Texas Instruments TI-34 II Explorer Plus Scientific Calculator

The 2-line display scientific calculator with fraction capability is a durable and affordable calculator for the classroom. The 2-line display helps students explore math and science concepts in the classroom.

Ideal for:

* Middle School Math
* Pre-Algebra 1 & 2
* Geometry
* General Science
* Biology


* Hard plastic, color-coded keys.
* 2-line display, 11 digit scrollable entry line with 10-digit answer and 2-digit exponent line.
* Review and edit previous entries.
* Fraction/decimal, decimal/percent, percent/fraction conversions.
* Random number and random integer generator.
* Battery and solar power - operates in well-lit areas using solar cell. Operates in other light settings using battery.
* Negation key.
* Menu settings.
* Integer division denotes quotient and remainder.
* Display indicates when a fraction can be simplified.
* Show the common factor used during simplification.
* Change improper fractions to mixed numbers.
* Simplification of fractions.
* Two constant operators display counters and totals.
* Combinations and permutations.
* Trigonometry.
* Logs and antilogs.
* Convert angles from degrees to radians.
* %, x², ¹/x, yˆx, π, x!.
* Fixed decimal capability.
* Symbolic notation of ? in radian mode.
* One- and two-variable statistics.
* EOS-Equation Operating System.
* Up to 8 pending operations.
* Up to 23 levels of parentheses.
* Error recovery capability.
* 5 memory variables.
* Teacher Kit Available (includes 10 calculators, storage caddy, Teacher's Guide in English and Spanish, calculator poster and transparency)
* Impact-resistant cover with quick-reference card.
* Mathematics technology newsletters available free of charge.
* Workshop Loan Program.
* Teacher Training Program.
* TI Technology Rewards program.
* Overhead projectable calculator available.
* Toll-free hotline.
* One-year limited warranty.