Texas Instruments TI-108 Calculator

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Texas Instruments TI-108 Calculator

Our most widely used, durable low-cost school calculator.
Appropriate for: Math Grades K-3

* Negative sign: Appears to the left of the number displayed.
* ANYLITE™ solar power: Operates in low light; never needs batteries.
* Plastic keys: Tamper proof, and cannot be removed.
* Large keys: Grouped and color coded by related functions.
* Extra-large equal key.
* Percent square root keys.


* Hard plastic tamper-proof keys.
* Large color-coded keys.
* Low-light solar power; never needs batteries.
* Large 8-digit LCD display.
* Negative sign appears immediately to the left of the number displayed.
* Impact-resistant slide case.
* Addition subtraction multiplication division.
* Automatic constant for all four operations.
* Change sign (+/-) key.
* Capability to clear last entry and/or all entries.
* 3-key memory.
* Available in convenient Teacher Kit with 10 calculators.
* Teacher's Guide in English and Spanish included.
* Permanent storage caddy included with each set of 10 calculators.
* Calculator poster and transparency included.
* Mathematics technology newsletters available free of charge.
* Workshop Loan Program.
* Teacher Training Program.
* TI Technology Rewards program.
* Overhead projectable calculator available.