Hitachi StarBoard FX-Duo-77 Interactive Whiteboard

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Hitachi StarBoard FX-Duo-77 Interactive Whiteboard

The StarBoard FX-Duo-77 offers 21st century classrooms the next generation of interactive whiteboards by allowing up to two points of contact and multi-touch gestures for a new and exciting way to interact with your classroom computer and lessons. Now two students can collaborate on the board together, or a teacher can explore a map by zooming into specific areas by simply spreading their two fingers apart. All electronics on the FX-Duo-77 are contained in a replaceable component covered under a five-year warranty. This provides an electronic-free surface for more durable use, as the board remains fully operational even with minor scratches or dents.

Features & Benefits

* Control using multi-touch hand gestures for a natural interface
* No special pens required: Use your finger, electronic pen (optional) , or any object
* Have two students working at the same time
* Electronic-free surface can work with damage
* No hot spot, keeps the eyes of students and teachers safe
* 24 customizable side buttons for quick and easy use without navigating software
* Place magnets on the surface to display student work or paper charts when board is off.
* All electronics are contained in a replaceable component covered under a 5 year warranty

Multi-touch: Designed with Teachers and Students in Mind

The ability to use two hands naturally creates a whole new interface for whiteboards and computers in the classroom. For example, a teacher can bring a static diagram of a plant cell to life by zooming into detailed areas -- just by spreading his or her two fingers apart, marking it up with vibrant inks, and then linking it to a free flash simulation on the internet.

The complete interactive StarBoard Software is included with every FX Series whiteboard with access to the following free resources for all StarBoard users.

* 5,000+ learning objects
* State aligned activities and lessons
* Mult-e-Maths Toolbox Light Edition

Open Educator Resources

Hitachi Software supports 21st century learning and open educator resources through our free state aligned resource center featuring a vast amount of interactive lessons, activities, and educational software from our approved partners and educators across the globe.

Basic Specifications

Display type: Front Projection Interactive whiteboard
Display size: 77"
PC interface: USB (Bluetooth coming soon)
Pen type: Use Finger(s), 2 retractable pointer styluses, or Electron Pen (Optional Accessory)
Weight (without stand): 53 lbs
Shipping weight: Approx 55 lbs
Shipping dimensions: 62" x 45 " x 4 "
Warranty: 5 Years limited equipment warranty upon registration
Digitizing technology: Infrared Image Sensor System


* CPU: Pentium III 800MHz (1 GHz 32-bit (x86) processor or faster recommended)
* RAM: 256MB (512MB or higher recommended) for Windows 2000, XP
* 512MB (1GB or higher recommended) for Windows Vista
* HDD: 300MB of free space
* Display Color Depth: High Color (16bit)
* Internet Explorer 6 and latest service pack
* Microsoft DirectX 9.0b or higher
* Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher
* Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.05 or higher
* Microsoft Office 2000 or higher