Olympus OmniScan M Entry-Level Phased Array for Manual UT

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus OmniScan M Entry-Level Phased Array for Manual UT

Phased Array Solutions for the Price of Conventional UT

The new model in the OmniScan® product line provides the advantage of phased array imaging for manual testing, while keeping all the benefits of a proven product.

Choosing OmniScan MX as your entry point into phased array technology allows you to keep all your options open for the future. The OmniScan MX is fully upgradable to any other model of the OmniScan series, allowing you to migrate to encoded inspection, data archiving, and automated UT inspection as your needs grow.


Ease of Use
* Live switch between conventional UT and phased array
* Intuitive data interpretation
* Software control of beam angle, focal distance, and spot size
* Multiple-angle inspection with a single, small, electronically controlled multielement probe
* Step-by-step calibration wizard eases the entry of every parameter, avoiding mistakes
* Focal law calculator wizard
* Automatic probe recognition
* Minimum training required

* Support for up to 64-element probes
* Beam forming using 16 elements
* Real-time volume-corrected representation of S-scans at 40 Hz with selectable A-scans
* Vertically projected A-scan is displayed alongside the S-scan
* "Most relevant A-scan" tracking mode
* Large 8.4 in. color display

Setup and Report
* Exportable setup parameters
* Thorough report setup including readings, images, and parameters
* On-screen interactive HTML help
* Predefined setups with preview

Detection and Sizing
* Increased probability of detection and better defect sizing
* Code compliance, in both PA and UT
* Defect sizing tools
* S-scan and image recording

Field Proven
* Rugged PA connector with automatic probe recognition
* Affordable
* Portable, reliable, and durable
* Battery-powered (up to 8 hours)
* Upgradable
* Modular and multitechnology