Panasonic KX-TG1034PK/KX-TG1034BP/KX-TG1034S Expandable System

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Panasonic KX-TG1034PK/KX-TG1034BP/KX-TG1034S Expandable System

Long Range, Excellent Clarity and Greater Security
Our latest DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications) technology lets you move freely around your home with long range and amazingly clear sound. It also assures greater protection against eavesdropping for all your calls. Operating in the 1.9GHz frequency range, your phone will not conflict with other wireless devices such as computer routers, wireless keyboards, microwave ovens and other common household devices.

Up to 6 Handsets with Just One Phone Jack
You can put handsets all over your house — in your kids' rooms or even in the garage — without all the messy wiring or complicated setup. With our DECT 6.0 expandable phone systems, you don't need a phone jack for each additional handset — just one for the base unit. So start expanding and forget about all your wiring worries.

All-Digital Answering System
This phone system is equipped with an all-digital answering system for quick, easy retrieval of crystal-clear messages. Message operation has never been easier, with up to 16 minutes of recording time, plus such features as a pre-recorded outgoing message, remote operation, Tollsaver, and skip-and-repeat. And don't worry about losing your messages when the power goes out — they're stored in flash memory so they're unaffected by power failure or interruptions.

Put the Phone Down While You Talk
Having a handset speakerphone may not seem like such a big deal — until you have to call an automated phone system. By the time you press "2" and return the phone to your ear, you missed half the next option! And when they put you on hold for 10 minutes, do you really need to hold the phone? Not with a handset speakerphone. Just listen along and press a button or pick up when it's convenient. You'll think up other great uses, like letting Grandma and Grandpa listen to their new grandchild at the same time, painting your nails as you talk to your best friend, or just being able to set the phone down while you talk.

See Who's Calling, Even If You're Already on the Phone
We've all become accustomed to Caller ID and its ability to let us see who's calling before we answer the phone. But what happens when you're already on the phone and another call comes in on Call Waiting? Until now, you wouldn't know who was beeping in unless you answered it. With Call Waiting Caller ID1, you get the best of both worlds. So now when you get a beep, you can see who's calling before you answer…but we'll leave that decision up to you!


Up to 17 Hours of Talk Time
Comfortable, Easy-to-Use, Large-Button Handset
DECT 6.0 Technology Means Less Interference
Spanish LCDE and Voice Prompt
Expandable up to 6 Handsets
Up to 3-Way Conference Capability
Wireless Network Friendly
Phonebook Sharing
Light-Up Indicator with Ringer/Message Alert
Built-In Clock with Alarm on Handset
Backlit LCD on Handset
Digital Speakerphone on Handset
Call Waiting Caller ID
50-Station Phonebook and Dialer
16-Minute All-Digital Answering System
Headset Jack and Belt Clip Included
Wall-Mountable Base Unit
4 Handsets, 1 Base and 3 Chargers Included