HP S10614 14U Rack

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HP S10614 14U Rack

The new rack S10614 leverages heavily off the design of the 10000 series rack family by incorporating features such as: 65% open perforated doors, graphite color, allows zero U mounting of options such as KVM switches or PDUs, U markings on the mounting rails, top and bottom cable routing, CTO ready and accommodating most rack options. In addition the product is rated to 500lbs dynamic (moving) and 600lbs static (non-moving). Ideal for onsite assembly of rack mounted ProLiant, Alpha 1 and Tandem servers, workstations, networking and StorageWorks products, in addition to most third party products.

* 14U form factor
* HP brand and graphite color
* Ability to ship configured with hardware
* 600mm wide and 1 meter deep
* Utilizes most rack options (UPS, PDU, switches, input devices)
* Cable routing out the top and bottom of the rack
* Fully perforated front and rear doors - 65% open
* Additional cable management features
* Available on a shock pallet only

And do you need an integrated rack fast? Get what you want, when you want it, delivered directly to your site. HP Factory Express can provide fully integrated racks with servers and storage built and configured to your specifications in our factory in 6 to 10 days. That means being able to rapidly meet your unique requirements by going the extra mile to speed and simplify deployment by shipping systems that are pre-loaded, wired, racked and ready to deploy in your environment.

Problems and Requirements

* Be able to ship configured
* Fit under a standard size desk
* Be able to mount products in both the 1U and zero U space
* Use standard 19" mounting rails
* 65% open perforated front and rear doors
* Rack security (front and rear doors are locking and side panels ship standard)

Typical Use

* Remote sites requiring only a small configuration per location and would like the rack to fit under a standard desk