HP Integrity NonStop NS14200 Server

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HP Integrity NonStop NS14200 Server

The HP Integrity NonStop NS14200 Server is one of the top-of-the-line enterprise computing solutions that is designed to deliver unprecedented levels of application availability with fail-safe data integrity. Powered by next-generation Intel® Itanium® processor 9100 series processors, the Integrity NonStop NS14200 Server delivers performance improvements over earlier NonStop server models yet offers a more moderate performance level than the Integrity NonStop NS16200 Server.

HP Integrity NonStop NS14200 servers offer enterprise customers the following benefits:

* Real-time business interactions with the highest levels of service
* Lowest TCO for complex mission-critical applications
* A flexible platform tailored for dynamic business environments
* Seamless integration with HP StorageWorks products
* A complete range of services including e-support, mission-critical support, and education services


Standards-based architecture
Utilizes the latest Itanium processor technology, the Intel® Itanium® processor 9100 series processors at 1.4 GHz

Leading integrated virtual application environment
Because of the necessity to react to changing business demands, HP delivers a leading integrated virtual application environment. Data can be pooled and shared across an enterprise to enhance information utilization

Advanced architecture with value-added innovation
HP NonStop Advanced Architecture offers unprecedented NonStop system availability using optional Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) technology

Availability features are built in and automatically configured
Advanced manageability features are delivered right out of the box, even for the most demanding workloads
Can manage large applications with a single system image

World-class experience
HP Services works with you to design, deploy, integrate, and manage an agile IT infrastructure that can respond to change and more closely align IT with business goals