HP Integrity NonStop NS1200 Server

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HP Integrity NonStop NS1200 Server

The HP Integrity NonStop NS1200 Server is an entry-level member in the Integrity NonStop server family, powered by Intel® Itanium® processor 9100 series. The NS1200 server delivers up to 20% better price performance than the NS1000 server and is designed as a software fault-tolerant solution for smaller and emerging markets that require real-time access to their most critical business applications. The NS1200 leverages industry-standard hardware components coupled with the highly valued NonStop software fundamentals and brings a new option in price/performance levels while maintaining high levels of application availability.

The entry-level HP Integrity NonStop NS1200 Server is based on the HP NonStop Value Architecture (NSVA), which optimizes the NonStop operating environment and its full software fault tolerance and leverages the standard HP Integrity server that provides commercial hardware data integrity. This results in a system that scales from two to eight processors and offers software fault tolerance at an attractive price point.

The HP Integrity NonStop NS1200 server offers customers the following benefits:

* Designed as a real alternative to high-availability commodity servers
* Established OLTP solutions that require higher levels of availability than clustered commodity servers can provide
* Out-of-the-box simplicity for complex application environments
* Lower total cost of ownership compared to clustered commodity servers
* Ideal for database servers in multi-tiered enterprise infrastructures


Improved price/  performance
Up to 20% better price/performance with the HP Integrity NonStop NS1200. Flexible mixed environment support enabling customers to upgrade or add-on easily.

Core of a SOA environment
The NS1200 Server offers customers enhanced (SOA) software infrastructure products, updated development environment including Eclipse, and updated open application server environment.

Next-generation Intel® microprocessors
Forward looking technology investments, engineered to do more and last longer. Continued commitment to Intel roadmap with Intel® Itanium® processor 9100 series support.

World class services
Highest level of 24x7 mission-critical support, enhanced escalation processes, standard 6-hour call-to-repair commitment (confirm region availability), and round-the-clock system monitoring. Ideal for reducing downtime risks in mission-critical environments.