HP 10647 G2 47U Rack

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HP 10647 G2 47U Rack

HP sets the new standard for performance and value in the enterprise with the new 10000 G2 Series Rack family. This enterprise-class rack combines unparalleled structural integrity, cooling, and cable management; ease of use capabilities and a wide choice of rack, power and switching options to deliver a best in class product. The 10000 G2 rack is designated as HP's universal rack, ideal for all HP rack mounted server and storage products, complementing and protecting your investment in technology. Specifically designed to ensure outstanding cooling and cable management, the 10000 G2 Series Rack is the best choice for enterprise racks.

In addition to the universality of the new racks, important improvements have been made from the previous version, including improved and updated front door design with bright-aluminum finish; improved front and rear door handles and latches, and easier to handle three-section side panels.

Introducing the new HP 10000 G2 Series 10622 (22U), 10842 (42U Wide) and 10647 (47U) Racks. These new racks complement the existing 36U and 42U G2 models.

Design and flexibility

* Universal rack for all of HP rackmount products, including ProLiant, HP BladeSystem, NonStop and StorageWorks MSA, EVA and XP
* Improved and updated door design with bright-aluminum finish and lighter and easier to handle sectional side panels
* Front and rear door handles and lock bars for improved security
* New regular and heavy duty stabilization feet for 600mm and 800 mm wide racks


* Heavy Duty 600mm Stabilization Kit (Version 2) with improved mounting process
* Stabilization Kit for 800mm Rack
* Updated cable management kit for current and previous generation racks. The new kit contains 10 D Rings, 10 Cable Clips, 1 Cable Router (1U) and 1 Cable Router (2U)

Large enterprises with medium/large datacenters

* Benefits include the CTO capability, cooling capacity and universality of the 10000 G2 Series rack to hold all HP server and storage platforms
* Longer life cycles of the 10000 Series racks allows for standardization on a single rack and power platform bringing quick return on IT investment

Sophisticated SMB companies

* Benefits include the industry standard design and dimensions of the 10000 G2 Series rack to fit both HP and third party components as well
* Smaller companies will benefit from the HP 10000 G2 Series products' ease of integrating power options, switching gear and rack options for cabling and cooling