HP 10647 G2 1200mm 42U/47U Deep Rack

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HP 10647 G2 1200mm 42U/47U Deep Rack

With the increasing server density/per U and Kilowatt per rack it is becoming difficult to accommodate the cables (Network & Power) and PDU in a standard1000mm deep rack so HP is introducing the 1200 mm deep (48 inch) rack, the 10000 G2 rack is designated as HP's universal rack, ideal for all HP rack mounted server and storage products, complementing and protecting your investment in technology. Specifically designed to ensure outstanding cooling and cable management, the new 10000 G2 Series deep Rack is the best choice for enterprise racks with CTO ready feature which enables 3000lbs of static and 2000lbs of dynamic loading

* Maximum Capacity with 3000lbs of static and 2000lbs dynamic loading
* Deliever the space you neeed with 1200mm deep you get the space which you need behing your server and manage you data and power cable as you want

1200mm Deep

* Customers get more space and footprint in 10KG2 rack

Static and dynamic load capability

* with 2000 lbs of dynamic loading now customer can get a fully integrated rack shipped to the customer with ready to plug and play feature
* with 3000lbs of static loading customer can populate more servers and switch in the rack