AVerMedia NV6480EXP-16CH Hybrid Windows Capture Card

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AVerMedia NV6480EXP-16CH Hybrid Windows Capture Card

* Express hybrid capture card solution; best for mid-sized businesses and small educational facilities
* 16 channels Video and Audio input with Real-Time display and recording rate
* PCI-Express interface provides higher bandwidth and great performance
* Brand new user interface tailored for wide screen monitors (1440x900, 1680x1050, and 1440x900)
* 1280x960 live view resolution – best live video quality in the industry
* Multiple and configurable channels display on spot and TV monitors
* Supports dual monitor for independent live view, playback or map
* Expand up to 32 channels by installing two NV6480EXP cards
* Display up to 32 channels on one monitor
* POS Integration allows for easy association of retail transaction data and corresponding video images
* Integrated remote functionality allows access to video footage anywhere, anytime!
* Free SDK

NV6480EXP-16CH Specifications

CPU: Pentium 4® 3.2 GHz, Dual Core 1.8 GHz CPU or higher recommended
Operating System: Windows 2000®, Windows XP® or Windows VISTA®
Hybrid: Yes - use any combination of IP or Analog inputs
IP Camera Support: Over 100 major IP camera brands supported including Megapixel
Video Format: NTSC or PAL
Software Compression: : H.264 or MPEG4
Video Output: CCTV, TV or LCD monitors
Video Input: 16 channels (BNC connectors) - stackable up to 32 channels
Audio Input: 16 channels
Display Rate: 480 fps
Recording Frame Rate: 480 fps
Recording Resolution: up to 720x480
User Access: Unlimited number of users with individual passwords and tiered user privileges
Sensor/Relay: Built in 4 sensors and 4 relays; Expandable up to 132 sensors and 132 relays via an E-I/O box