Genius Remote 800 Touch Screen Universal Remote Control

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Genius Remote 800 Touch Screen Universal Remote Control

Remote 800, a universal touch screen remote control from Genius lets you control up to eight electronic devices, including your VCR, DVD, TV, CD, and satellite dish—all with one remote.

It is simple to set up. You can quickly configure each device in your household or office using the "learning eye" or by easily programming their codes into the Remote 800.

Remote 800 is one amazing and easy product for your whole family to use. It can save you time, solve the hassle of any misplaced remotes, and tidy up your living room. Just imagine, one remote control replaces all your current remote controllers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Key features:

* Full screen Touch Screen Remote control
* All in one function integrates all your home devices into one remote control
* Macro feature allows you to store up to 60 commands with one key
* Automatically detects room brightness to light up orange LED backlight
* With motion detection to power up automatically

Remote 800
Learning Frequency: 20KHz - 455KHz and pulse up to 256 bits long
Learning Distance: 2" to 4" (5cm up to 10 cm)
IR Operating Distance: Up to 10 meters
Memory: 512KB Flash Memory
Integrating Capability: Control up to 8 devices
Display: LCD
Backlight: Orange LED
Batteries: 1.5V 3 x AAA Alkaline Batteries
Power Consumption: Operation current-170mA (max),LCD on Current-160 µA,LCD off Current-40 µ