Sony ZS-S4iP CD Boombox

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Sony ZS-S4iP CD Boombox

Enjoy the ultimate in full-function portable audio with the ZS-S4iPBLACK CD boombox. More than your average CD player and digital AM/FM tuner, you can also play the tunes stored on your compatible iPhone™ or iPod® music player. This boombox features a secure docking compartment that protects and charges your iPod or iPhone, while the alternate cover permits direct control of your music. In addition to controlling your music directly from your iPod or iPhone, the supplied remote provides access to your tunes from across the room. Also available in white.

The ZS-S4iP is compatible with almost any iPod® and iPhone™ and features a secure housing compartment and alternate cover that helps protect your iPod or iPhone, when docked, during transport.

While your iPod or iPhone™ is in the secure dock, it will charge so you never have to worry about running low on battery life.

Full-function Remote Control
Control your iPod® or iPhone™ from across the room with the included full-function remote control.

MEGA BASS® sound system
The enhanced MEGA BASS® sound system produces rich, deep, bass tones for powerful overall sound.

Play back CD-R/RW discs and create custom mixes from your existing music collection so you always have the right music at hand.

Universal Adapter
The Universal Adapter makes sure that any iPod® with a dock connector or iPhone™ will be able to connect to the ZS-S4iP.

30-station Memory Preset
A 30-station memory preset allows for one-button tuning of up to 10 AM and 20 FM stations.

Digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner
Digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner provides accurate, drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations and lets you choose from a wide variety of radio talk shows and music programs with the added enjoyment of stereo sound.

Connect other Compatible Digital Music Players
Easily connect other compatible digital music players, such as select Sony® Walkman® players, to the ZS-S4iP for easy access to all of your music.

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