Sony ICF-CD3IPSIL CD Clock Radio

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Sony ICF-CD3IPSIL CD Clock Radio

Perfect for your nightstand or dresser, the ICF-CD3iPSIL CD clock radio packs an array of functions into a space-saving design. Thanks to a hidden sliding dock tray, you can easily dock your compatible iPhone™ or iPod® MP3 player. A dual alarm lets you set two separate wake-up times with the option of waking up to the music stored on your iPhone or iPod, your favorite CD or radio station. Additional features include an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, a large easy-to-read LCD and an included remote control that lets you access all the music on your iPod or iPhone from across the room.

Compatible with most iPod® players and iPhone™ models.

Hidden Sliding Dock Tray for iPod® & iPhone™
Hidden sliding dock tray enables you to connect your compatible iPod® player or iPhone™ for easy access to your favorite music through your clock radio.

Wake to iPod®, iPhone™, CD, Radio or Buzzer
Set the alarm to wake you with music from your favorite CD, your iPod® player or iPhone™, your favorite radio station, or a buzzer.

Dual Alarm with 2 day/5 day 7 day setting
Dual alarm settings let you set two separate wake-up times with the option of waking up to your iPod® player or iPhone™, CD, the radio, or a buzzer.

Preset Alarm volume for iPod®, iPhone™, CD, Radio
Preset volume control enables you to avoid those loud, rude awakenings and wake up to just the right level of sound from the iPod® player, iPhone™, CD or radio.

Charges iPod® and iPhone™
While your iPod® player or iPhone™ is on the dock1, it will charge so you never have to worry about running low on battery life.

Large Easy to See LCD Display
A large LCD display allows for an easy-to-see digital time display.

Remote with full menu Control for music functions
Control your iPod or iPhone music functions from across the room with the included full-function remote control.

Time Zone
The correct Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone time is preset, so just plug the clock in and adjust the time zone as necessary. In the case of a power interruption, the built-in Lithium battery maintains the correct time so when the power returns, you don't have to reset the clock.

Daylight Savings Time
When Daylight Savings Time changes take place every spring and fall, there's no need to adjust the clock because the built-in calendar recognizes the dates and automatically makes the proper time adjustments.

If the alarm was set and the power goes out, the alarm buzzer will still sound even if the alarm was set for the radio, iPod® player, iPhone™ or CD.

Connect other Digital Music Players
Easily connect other digital music players to the clock radio for easy access to all of your music using the line-in jack and supplied audio connecting cable.

Variety of Programming
Choose from a wide variety of radio, talk, and music programming and preset up to 30 of your favorite stations for quick access.

Stereo Speakers
Stereo speakers provide a complete and enjoyable listening experience.

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