Sennheiser Mikroport 2015 Personal FM System

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Sennheiser Mikroport 2015 Personal FM System

Creating a direct audio link with a contact person, the Mikroport™ 2015 personal FM system integrates people with severe hearing problems at school and university, at the workplace and in their free time. The system features a special priority circuit which lowers the sensitivity of the hearing aid microphones when an audio signal is received from the transmitter. It thus ensures optimum speech intelligibility. The units are small, lightweight and unobtrusive; operation is simple and straightforward. A special asset for schools: due to the system's intelligent frequency management, many Mikroport systems can be used simultaneously.


* Professional audio quality (80-16,000 Hz)
* Transmitter and receiver settings adjustable according to individual requirements
* Fully compatible with cochlear implants, hearing aids and the Soundfield EMP 2015 system
* Easy, intelligent frequency management ensures high flexibility
* Compact, rugged metal housings
* All components available separately

Delivery Includes

* 1 SK 2015 transmitter
* 1 MKE 2015-2 clip-on microphone
* 1 EK 2015 receiver
* 2 EZG 2015 belt pouches with neck strap
* 2 BA 2015 rechargeable battery packs
* 1 L 2015 charging unit
* 1 NT 1 power supply
* 1 EZB 2015 system bag and smaller transport bag for the receiver and transmitter
* User manual

Technical Data

RF frequency range: 518 ..... 554 MHz
Compander: HDX
Frequency response: 80.....16000 Hz
THD, total harmonic distortion: Typ. 0,3 %
Signal-to-noise ratio: 96 dB
RF output power: 10 mW
Operating time: Typ. 12 h
Weight (Receiver): 175 g
Weight (Transmitter): 175 g
Dimensions: 82 x 64 x 24 mm (without antenna)
Headphone connector: 3.5mm jack: 2x 20 mW / 32 Ohm
Power supply: 2 batteries AA (ea.1,5V) or 1 rechargeable battery pack BA 2015 (2,4V)
Hearing aid connector: 2.5mm jack: 3 mV / 2 kOhm