Samsung Q1UP-V Ultra Mobile PC

SAMSUNG Updated: 2008-08-26 RSS
Samsung Q1UP-V Ultra Mobile PC

Imagine staying in touch with everything and everyone without having to lug a heavy laptop around. Now with the Vista Business Edition, the SAMSUNG Q1 Ultra Premium can support all your PC applications no matter where you find yourself. Weighing in at less than 2 lbs., it features an ultra bright 7" touch-screen, and the latest Intel Ultra Low Voltage CPU. It's the ultimate tool for the road warrior who wants to bring it all without carrying it all. With the SAMSUNG Q1 Ultra Premium, it's not hard to imagine.

full PC functionality
The included Windows Vista® Business Edition now supports all you PC applications as your home and office computer anytime anywhere.

wireless connectivity
The Q1 Ultra Premium offers 802.11 b/g wireless Wi-Fi connectivity as standard, as well as Bluetooth 2.0, enabling you to connect to you favorite Bluetooth device. The Q1 Ultra Premium provides secure, fast connectivity at work, at home or on the road. And with the dual array microphone, you can make phone calls over the web using your favorite VoIP account.

high resolution in a bright idea
The Q1 Ultra Premium stands out from the rest with its 7" wide LCD touch screen. Its 1024 x 600 resolution and 300 nits of brightness add up to an incredible viewing experience whether inside or out. And its use of advanced LED backlit technology reduces overall battery consumption.

easier texting
Check email, then easily reply with the large, split-QWERTY key pad.

up to 7 hours battery life
The last thing you need is to run out of power. The Q1 Ultra Premium offers up to 7 hours of continuous run time on its high-capacity Li-Ion battery so you can work and play for hours on end.

With its integrated biometric fingerprint reader, the Q1 Ultra Premium keeps all of your files safe and secure.