Samsung Q1U-V Ultra Mobile PC

SAMSUNG Updated: 2008-08-26 RSS
Samsung Q1U-V Ultra Mobile PC

Imagine endless possibilities from an Ultra Mobile PC than you ever thought possible. Equipped with a new split-QWERTY built-in keypad, a high-speed, Intel Ultra Mobile processor and exceptional battery life, the SAMSUNG Q1 Ultra provides ultimate accessibility and versatility for all your on-the-go computing needs. Weighing in at no more than 1.5 lbs., the Q1 Ultra reflects the latest in mobile technology integration by showcasing its new ultra-bright LED backlit touch screen LCD. Check your inbox, watch movies, edit a spreadsheet, play music, update your presentation, take photos, have a video chat, etc. With a Q1 Ultra UMPC, more choices mean you never have to settle.

designed to go places
At less than 9" W x 5" H x 1" D, and weighing a slight 1.5 pounds, the Q1 Ultra Mobile PC fits anywhere - on the plane, on the road or in a meeting. With additional carry case options, it's the perfect mobile companion and business partner.

compact, comfortable keyboard.
The Q1 Ultra was built for speed. The split QWERTY keypad lets you input text quickly, easily and comfortably. With the mouse button and an eight-way mouse/joystick button, browsing the internet is a breeze.

wireless connectivity
The Q1U-V offers 802.11bg wireless and Bluetooth® 2.0+EDR as standard, with a twin array microphone that lets you make calls over the Web using VoIP. Simply put, the Q1 provides secure, fast connectivity at work, at home or on the road.

high resolution in a bright idea
The Q1 Ultra gets high marks for its new 7" LCD touch screen. Its 1024 x 600 resolution and 300 nits add up to incredible brightness. And, the LED backlight reduces battery consumption. This is one UMPC that's brighter and easier to view than ever before.

plenty of photo opps
When it comes to picture taking, the Q1U-V does double duty. The front boasts a video chat webcam (0.3 megapixel), while the back has digital video/still camera (1.3 megapixel) capabilities. Want to check out your photos? Photo View, complete with AVS Now thumbnail gallery, lets you view all your vacation photos on the 7" screen no matter where you are.

long battery life
The last thing you need is to be shut down by a battery with no juice. The Q1 Ultra offers 4.5 hours on the standard Li-Ion battery and 8.5 hours on the extended-life battery. So you can work and play with practically no end in sight.